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ZONDAG 17 MAART  van 10-14.00

(zondag 10 is zondag 17 maart geworden ivm verjaardagvan mijn zoon)
LONGER Workshop: Breathing and the Pelvic Engine better understood.
For who follows my weekly classes, a re-visiting of material and themes.
Open for everybody  (50 euro)
10-14.00 Two days (also possible to just follow Saturday)
WALKING; the Art of Walking, always fascinated me. Its organisation, expression and souplesse. To make a joy of this daily phenomenon.
In April I will be following a masterclass from one of my teachers, so for sure with lot’s of new insights and approaches. 

Open for everybody (one day 50, two days 75 euro)



The body seeks harmony with the mind, this is the place where mystery and mysticism come in, and...

Coordination is key!!


To dance or move fully without hesitation, without self-consciousness.

Sensation woven into a silken motion. 

Where the body becomes a conduit for emotion.

Just "do"





These are times of disorientation and insecurities around us, what better way than to perpetuate your own core, grounding, orientation and self-image through this subtle somatic and wonderful method of movement.

Ideal for Zoom as you are spoken through the lessons and do not have to stare at a screen. An hour of Feldenkrais always pushes boundaries and lets you experience a sense of freedom and creativity that motivates and centers you for the day.



On my way down, ‘Ins Tal-hinein’, I realise how “forgiving” nature can be as I side-track to a cow-path away from the smoothened asfalt road.
How the ever- changing surfaces under my feet, of rock, branches, grass and earth gel my knees into ever slightly different positions and ask my muscles to organise in multiple different patterns never allowing for too much, and maybe more important never too long, pressure on a same part, something our so-called civilised roads ask me to do over and over again till my knees, ankles or back hurt and I long for a car to pick me up
My hips sway, my ribcage plays its tune like a bandoneon folding and unfolding in snake-like shapes. My ankles and hips go through every angle their rounded joins have the potential for.
When I speed up the elasticity of my joints seem to make me fly, weightless, and I bounce down like tigger, straight out of Winnie the Pooh, giving me incredible joy.

In mountains like these you need hoofs like a goat, the heels elevated high away from the ground like knees bending backwards to relieve the real knees from crying. Hip-joints ready to squad at any moment reflecting the heels and ankles bending backwards.
This is the true idea of uprightness, straightening legs without locking the knees at any moment ready to fold your buttocks to the ground, the ankles springy, catching and bouncing away the earth like a jojo.
Oh God almighty how perfect Thou has built us!


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