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The body seeks harmony with the mind, this is the place where mystery and mysticism come in. 

Coordination is key!!


To dance or move fully without hesitation, without self-consciousness.

Sensation woven into a silken motion. 

Where the body becomes a conduit for emotion.

Just "do"





These are times of disorientation and insecurities around us, what better way than to perpetuate your own core, grounding, orientation and self-image through this subtle somatic and wonderful method of movement.

Ideal for Zoom as you are spoken through the lessons and do not have to stare at a screen. An hour of Feldenkrais always pushes boundaries and lets you experience a sense of freedom and creativity that motivates and centers you for the day.


feldenkrais online

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Tuesdays:  18-19.00 (English)

Thursdays: 08-09.00 (English)

Saturdays:  10-11.00 (Dutch)

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