No better environment to experience the intimacy tango has to offer than this environment.

The Space and Silence of Mother Nature.

A clear guidance to a place where one can experiment and discover.

Where questions are more important than answers.

Where play and sharing are at the heart.

Where discipline and technique find meaning.

And Tango becomes more than a dance.... 



Sat. Sun. Monday.

Tuesday free

Wednes. Thurs. Friday (till afternoon) 

Every day 2 tango lessons (90 min.)

One Feldenkrais (60 min.)

Optional one hour Contact-Tango




Svedja in lushes Helsingland, some 300 km above Stockholm.



Flying to Stockholm, driving or by train. 



In one of the beautiful Swedish wooden homes close to the old School overlooking the valley, where we dance and eat. If you have a tent or a camper, space enough.



Good and healthy food are at the base of all.

Let us know if you have special diets so we can organise ourselves according. 



All in, housing, food, teaching and wine. 

550 euro early bird before 15 of Mai 2024 (tent 475)

After 15 of Mai 625 euro 

(you are only registered after paying half of the sum on my account, the rest follows cash in Sweden)


IBAN: NL21INGB0005286724


When diving into the matter of tango these last months, through writing, teaching, dancing and filming, I again conclude it is not 'about' the steps but 'through' them, making them no less important though.
Next to that it is about asking the right questions that ones that really MATTER, to help us orient ourselves to those places where this dance comes truly to life and grabs us with something that can border the miraculous and sometimes despair.

It is the journey about 'what makes it work', the how and the why and how we can guide ourselves to this place.


This journey I have been on my whole dancing life (and before), starting some forty odd years ago (as a modern dancer/performer).
A knowledge I am very happy to share. (in little bits at a time).
And where I still have great curiosity in your telling stories and experiences.

It keeps repeating itself to me, ‘Tango is More than a Dance’ starting way before and ending way after.

But again the dance is the place where it all comes together and MOVES through us with the possibility to reach deep within the HUMANE.

SWEDEN is a very special place for me to bring these journeys together, and so I heard it was for those who came there in earlier years.
The wide open spaces, the red wooden houses, the lakes and the incredible sense of silence makes it possible to hear yourself and others better.
I invite you to come and share your story to keep tango’s beating heart WALKING.

The single biggest problem in communication
is the illusion that it has taken place.
— George Bernard Shaw

Life is the dancer
And you are the dance.
— Eckhart Tolle


Tango Holidays

Every year Tango Alegre | De Koffiefabriek organizes tango holidays for dancers. 
This year, we propose a tango week from  20/JUL-27/JUL 2024: Tango-Tango week

We have at least 2 (tango) workshops each day. Our focus lies on exploring and musicality, on a more expressivetango, on moving and playfulness.


Your teachers


Astrid Maria Cerpentier & Bennie Bartels are teaching the tango dance and expression classes in their own unique, contemporary, "it's about more than tango"-style. With tango steps as the excuse, they dive into a whole new (daily) movement world (see also their Neo/Projects).


Bennie Bartels teaches the Feldenkrais classes in the morning. You can read more about them here.


Our venue: château Chalivoy-la-Noix

Our summer residence is the château de Chalivoy-la-Noix (near Ourouer-les-Bourdelins, FR), where we shall dance (under the trees) on an atmospheric lighted dance floor.

2 x a day Astrid Maria Cerpentier & Bennie Bartels are teaching tango workshops.  In the evening we have tango nights, preferably outside under the stars. Delicious lunches & dinners are prepared for you by our special équipe de cuisine, Marina & Eline & guests!


 11 bedrooms, mostly with sanitair ensuite. A surrounding park of 3 ha, a lot of nature around, also to camp out with facilities in the castle. WiFi on the ground floor.


A grand salon with stunning wooden floor and chandeleers - it's  almost like being in De Koffiefabriek :-)


Practical information


To subscribe



Saturday 20th till 27th of July 2024

Arriving after 16:00, leaving before 14:00


all-in for 720 € | early bird discount (1/Apr): 40€

camp out discount: 60 € | young people: -20%


Château de Chalivoy-la-Noix

18350 Ourouer-les-Bourdelins (FRANCE)


Send a mail to vakanties@tangoalegre.be with your question, inquiries or to subscribe.
You will receive an application form to fill in, next to more practical information.


A typical day in the tango week looks like...

9u00 – 10u00        Feldenkrais (optional)

10u15 – 11u30         Tango class Group A

11u45 – 13u00        Tango class Group B


15u30 - 16u45        Tango class Group B

17u00 – 18u15        Tango class Group A


21u00 -                    Tango Night


How we see it ...

It is about quality, fun, late nights and early mornings. Good food and beautiful places. Music and ‘more than tango’. It has the deep learning coming from EXPLORATION, playfulness and a search to express through our physical beings. All of that in this wonderful château in FRANCE.

With a focus on playfulness & movement - finding that deeper connection for a more contemporary tango..

Looking forward to meeting you there!