June 28-Juli 5 2023


Just after midsummer night, day-light forever, a tango/feldenkrais/food week amidst the open and embracing nature of Helsingland, where a lake is never far away, the silence is palpable, where all urban life falls away from you into the ground and the dancing is light, full of lust, life, joy, sorrow and play.

As always is it to find the expression through the tango that is closest to you, your daily self, taken to another level.
Finding freedom through limitation, with each other, beautiful and honest food, the music, listening in the joy of sharing.

This summer I would like to focus, next to what the people bring and what is present, a focus on the sweet and rewarding spot where it just feels right. Where there are no more questions and just answers.
I got that question the other day from a student who remarked that when she saw me dancing that it looks like I always step exactly right, in that sweet spot.
How to find that spot, to sense it, what you need as tools, how to approach this.
A very interesting journey to take, something universal and at the same time very personal.
Ok, let’s go and find it!.

Where I have since 20 years my summerhouse, 300 km above Stockholm in the beautiful Helsingland, open glowing land, woods and lakes everywhere.

Every day two tango lessons and a Feldenkrais lesson, the last one focused on all the tango elements like grounding, balance, spiral, the art of walking, forces travelling through the body, free legs. And of course the art of sensing and feeling, to listen to your own and the others physical being.
In the middle we have one day off.

Beautiful food, every day a whole new experience, made with love and out of honest ingredients by our wonderful cook. Low in carbs, high in….
Two meals a day and a resting time for the morning (or do yourself what you need to do) If you have a special diet let us know.
We have one meal out, a special place on the mountain side over-looking the enormous Dellen lakes (formed once by a meteoriet)

Every year I lent houses from the locals, friends, neighbours, to have an authentic experience in these red wooden homes full of atmosphere.

By train, get’s better every year, takes time but very doable.
By air to Stockholm and then a rent a car or take a train.
Drive with your own car, just take two days for it, then it’s fine, and stay a bit longer to enjoy the area.

Cost: 550,- all included


Send me a mail; benniebartels@hotmail.com









WEEK 1: 22-29 of JULY 2023 (All tango together with Feldenkrais)

WEEK 2: 29 of JULY-5th of AUGUST 2023 (Tango and singing)

…have been an exiting combination for more than 10 years.
It is about quality, fun, late nights and early mornings.
Good food and beautiful places.
Music and ‘more than Tango’.
It has the deep learning coming from exploration, playfulness and a search to express through our physical beings.

Two weeks this year on the grounds of Castle Chalivoy-la-Noix
It is the place where we are at our best, where we can address all the aspects of this what is often called, ‘a metaphor for life’. Tango!!

Please come and be our guests and partners in crime, we love to serve you the many courses of a meal that addresses the senses and tasting buds, your desire for beauty and authenticity, with the time to absorb and let it all settle.
‘Als God in Frankrijk'




Ons verblijf: kasteel Chalivoy-la-Noix

We nemen we onze intrek in het kasteel Chalivoy-la-Noix (nabij Ourouer-les-Bourdelins, FR), alwaar we in openlucht (onder de hoge bomen) een sfeervol verlicht dansvloertje neerleggen.

2 x per dag gaan daar tango-workshops door met Astrid Maria Cerpentier & danspartner. Daarnaast zijn er de dansavonden, verzorgd door tdj Wouter ‘Mi Cielo’, en er is een kookploeg om lekkere diners voor ons te koken. 

With wonderful food from our cooking team.


Het kasteel heeft 11 kamers, veelal met badkamer ensuite. Aanliggend een park van 3 hectare, en dus veel plek openlucht, ook om te kamperen. Faciliteiten in het kasteel zijn ter beschikking, waaronder ook WiFi op de benedenverdieping.

(11 rooms, most of them with bathroom ensuite, and a park of 3 acres for camping, great salon to dance with oak floor and chandeliers.)


Er is een grand salon met prachtige parket, en kroonluchters - hoe kan het ook anders?





Week 1: zaterdag 22 juli tot zaterdag 29 juli 2023

Week 2: zaterdag 29 juli tot zaterdag 5 augustus


all-in pakket voor 650 € | korting kamperen: 50 €
na 1 april boeken: 700 € | jongeren: -20%


Château de Chalivoy-la-Noix

18350 Ourouer-les-Bourdelins (FRANCE)


Stuur een mail naar vakanties@tangoalegre.be om je in te schrijven.
Je krijgt een in te vullen aanmeldingsformulier teruggestuurd met praktische richtlijnen.



Zang/Muziek & Tangoweek: 22-29/JUL




In deze vakantieweek kan u kiezen tussen tango dansworkshops en/of zang- of muziekles, voor ieder 2 workshops per dag. Astrid Maria Cerpentier & Bennie Bartelsverzorgen de danslessen, zang is onder leiding van Anne-Laure Dollié (mezosopraan), muziek maken onder begeleiding van tangopianist Robin El-Hage. Naast pianoles, ook andere (tango-) instrumenten welkom.